Jerome Mel:
Drone Photographer Located in Orange County, California.
FAA Certified Professional Drone Operator / 3D helicopter Pilot
Jerome has over 7 years of flying 3D helicopters with competition built into his blood. Jerome has a huge influence in 3D Helicopter industry.
He is an Extreme Sportsman. Jerome’s favorite sports are Surfing, Snowboarding, Supercross, and Racing street bikes.
He has been a surfer at the age of 8 and is still very active. He spends his Winters on the Northshore of Oahu, this year alone he spent 47 days surfing, and Filming Pipeline, Sunset, and Waimea with his Drone.
He knows surfing and the waves. Jerome knows when to get the shot, and how the waves are going to break. Look at his video taken Christmas Day 2016 at Pipeline, John John Florance drops into a huge backside barrel…Marry Christmas John John…

Leonardo Dale:
Drone Photographer Located on the Northshore of Oahu.
FAA Certified Professional Drone Operator – Underwater photographer
Exclusive Drone aerial videos for HGTV DIY network Tv show Love Yurts.
Surfline local pro photographer, Makaha Buffalo Contest 2016 (Exclusive images)
Sponsored by Nikon Cameras, Polor Pro Filters
Leo has done some outstanding photography and aerial videos, his purpuse is to capture the perfection, and extraordinary beauty of creation.
Leo is an avid surfer who knows the water on the Northshore better than anyone, and knows how to get the shot. When he is not surfing, he has his camera and drone in hand.
He also is an extreme sportsman riding Motocross, Racing Street bikes, Kite surfing, professional Standup Jetski Racer. There is nothing this man can’t do.